Music Production

We produce original music for sync as well as pop, R&B, Rock, Metal, Folk music and more to Artists and music publishers world wide.

Studio-A based in Norway has been around for a decade producing high-end music for international superstars as well as blockbuster movies, tv-series and video games.

Our team consists of critically aclamed songwriters and producers with world wide credits.

No task is to smal or big for for us, and we´re always looking for new talented Artists and/or songwriters for future projects.

Audio for Film (sync) and Videogames.

We have scored

Blockbuster movies like RED, RED II, Lonsome Dowe Church and TV-series like MTV-Punked, Deadwood, CSI, NCSI, Six Feet Under and more, have music produced and written in Studio-A.

One of our flagship products is to produce music for sync, and together with our partner ScoreTracks and Gynt Publishing we have over 1000 original songs ready to be licensed for your ongoing and/or future projects.

We are proud of our achevements in this field and we´re absolutely shure that we can fullfill all your needs if you need music for a full movie (full moviescore), advertising, video-games and tv-series. We always deliver original music in genres from folk music, blues, rock, country, RnB, POP, orchestral, Spheric to black metal on time.

Get in touch and let our audio-productions make punch for your pictures.

Voice Over

Dubing movies and advertising needs great voices and strong caracters.

We have a full in-house production team ready to give your product the attention it deserves.

Get in touch with us and tell us about your project.

Vocal Tuning

Recording vocals can be a nightmare for the Producer and for the Artist.

Our skilled music producers offers the very best in vocal tuning and recording as well as mixing.

We´ll make the Artist and the product shine with confidence!.